When setting out to establish a brand for a new company, one of the first key elements to tackle is the logo. And while a logo is not the entire brand of a company, it is one of the most important pieces. A logo should be used consistently as a signature on just about everything a company produces: product labels, marketing materials, advertising and websites. And don’t forget other, less obvious places such as invoices, e-mail signatures, avatars and shipping labels. Anytime a company is communicating with customers or potential customers is an opportunity to reinforce the name and brand — take advantage of it!

A good logo has flexibility. It is easy to read at any size and works well in black and white, as well as color.  It should also say a bit about the company image through the design: is it classic and clean cut?  Modern and edgy?  Stylish and fashion-forward? Don’t expect the logo to say too much (that’s what the rest of the collateral and messaging is for), but do be sure it reflects the overall spirit of the company at a glance.