While a lot of traditional business memos, letters and the like are now replaced with e-mail, the need for custom letterhead does still exist. The good news is that long-gone are the days where young businesses had to shell out hundreds of dollars for thousands of sheets of letterhead. Digital printers can handle smaller quantities at very reasonable prices. Others take it a step further and create soft-copy templates in Microsoft Word, which gives them the ability to either distribute electronically or print in-house on an an as-needed basis. Custom letterhead with your company’s look reinforces your branding, so look for opportunities to use it: invoices, fax cover sheets, thank you letters…all great ways to remind people who you are and what you do.

And speaking of YOU, do you have personal stationery as well?  Notecards, with either your name or that of your company, are a great way to add a personal feel to your business. Sending a quick hand-written note to thank someone that referred business to you, re-introducing yourself to someone you met at an event or congratulating someone that is celebrating something exciting is a perfect opportunity to show that you genuinely care.